What is the production process of PCBA OEM Circuit Board?

Publish Time: 2024-03-06
The production process of PCBA OEM Circuit Board is a complex and delicate process involving multiple links and steps. The following is an overview of the production process of PCBA OEM Circuit Board:
Project confirmation and preparation: First, the foundry confirms the project with the customer to clarify the order requirements, specifications, quantity and other details. The foundry prepares corresponding production materials according to customer needs, such as BOM (bill of materials), PCBA design drawings, etc.
Material procurement: The foundry purchases the required electronic components, PCB boards and other raw materials based on the BOM list. During the procurement process, the foundry will ensure the quality and supply stability of raw materials to meet production needs.
PCB production: According to the design drawings provided by the customer, the foundry will produce the PCB board. This includes PCB board cutting, drilling, surface treatment and other steps. The completed PCB board will be quality tested to ensure that it meets the specifications.
Component placement: Place the purchased electronic components on the PCB board. This process is usually completed using automated placement machines to ensure placement accuracy and efficiency. After placement is completed, a preliminary quality inspection will be performed.
Welding and assembly: Connect electronic components to PCB boards through welding processes. The welding process can use automated welding machines or manual welding, depending on the specific situation. After welding is completed, assembly work is carried out, such as insertion and fixing.
Testing and inspection: After assembly is completed, the PCBA board is tested and inspected. Testing includes functional testing, performance testing, etc. to ensure that the PCBA board meets customer requirements. Inspection is to check the appearance, welding quality, etc. to ensure product quality.
Packaging and shipment: PCBA boards that have passed the test and inspection are packaged, usually with appropriate protection and marking according to customer requirements. After packaging is completed, a final inspection before shipment is performed to ensure that the product is delivered to the customer safely and completely.
During the entire production process, the foundry will conduct strict quality control to ensure that every link meets quality standards and customer requirements. At the same time, the foundry will continue to optimize the production process and improve production efficiency and quality levels based on customer needs and market changes.

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