New equipment of Best Electronics in 2023

Publish Time: 2024-01-31
As the epidemic has passed, Best Electronics' processing business has gained the trust of new and old customers and ushered in a wave of growth. With the growth of business volume, customers' requirements for product delivery and quality have also increased.
Therefore, the purpose is to build Best Electronics to serve various small and medium-sized enterprises as a processing platform. In line with the goals of strengthening services, increasing production capacity, and improving quality, we have spent huge sums of money to simultaneously purchase a ten-temperature zone reflow oven and product transfer machine. The transfer machine effectively reduces human contact with products during the production process, reduces human contact when the product is transferred from patch production to reflow curing, and improves the resolution of hidden dangers of human defects. The reflow oven with ten temperature zones can effectively increase production capacity and improve the welding quality of products.
This series of measures taken by Best Electronics is not only confidence in the future development of the foundry market, but also the implementation of Best Electronics' commitment to serving small and medium-sized enterprises. For small and medium-sized enterprises, Best Electronics is full of sincerity. We welcome all new and old customers to visit us for guidance and work together!

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